Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Bedding The Chines (Episode 9)


This week we are back with Lou in his workshop, and he is bedding the chine log that he cut and fit to the skiff last week. Again, he has created a special tool for the job at hand – a jig that helps him perfectly line up the screw holes with the chine log that is hiding behind the plank. Lou’s techniques follow, as he put it, the “Old Man’s Method,” and as such we have to remind you that while Lou might not exhibit approved safety methods in his shop, we urge you to use common sense and err on the side of caution when using saws and blades and power tools. We prefer the “new school method” but Lou’s been at it a while so we trust his hands know their way around the saw blades. Enjoy!  Continue reading

Waterlust’s East Coast Odyssey – Part 1

CLC Waterlust

All photos courtesy of Waterlust

We have been big fans of Waterlust since we discovered their epic filmmaking with a purpose. This team of water lovers has been on a mission to “produce films and photography that capture the human experience with water as a platform to raise awareness about the environment,” and we have blogged about them often to bring their awesomeness your way.

So when they announced this most recent mission, to build a kit boat from scratch with Chesapeake Light Craft: Wooden Boat Kits then sail it 1000+ miles from Annapolis to Miami through the Intracoastal Waterway, we were all in. Continue reading

Splitting A Kiteboard Into Two

Screenshot 2016-08-19 15.59.10

Why be bound by conventional models or building techniques when you can double your fun by cutting your work in half? Or building it in 2 pieces, as was the case in this video. The case for building a kiteboard in two halves is presented in the video as the kite surfer packs his suitcase for a tropical kiting mecca (undisclosed location, of course) and he is able to fit the two halves inside the suitcase perfectly. Once at the super spot, he screws the 2 halves together with a rigid carbon fiber piece and BOOM – super sweet kite board ready to rock.

It’s a fun video to watch  – also split into two halves, with the first being the construction of the board – and the second half being the superb tropical kiting and very nice video angles.

The use of carbon fiber and balsa wood for the core and some of the aesthetics, is a beautiful mixture of the materials. It really makes the BruceCreations branding stand out and looks like a winner for rigidity and a smooth ride. I think this is something worth playing with over the winter at TotalBoat Shop Night.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the video.

How to Build the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Installing the Chine Logs (Episode 8)


Everyone seems to be loving Louis Sauzedde and his skiff building and finally the planks and chines are coming together and the project is beginning to resemble a skiff. Lou has plenty left to do, but this is a big step as the chines and chine logs are vital to the shape and structure of the skiff. These first chines will dictate the placement of the rest of them, which will be attached next. Fitting the chine log in is tight, but it’s imperative that it be a secure fit, and of course Lou has some of his “tricks” up his sleeve to get these pieces into place easily and with a perfect fit.  Continue reading

Fast Lobsta and Loud Engines

Screenshot 2016-08-17 17.24.05

Click image at bottom for video.

Steve Johnson’s boat, “Elizabeth” doesn’t need to haul another trap all season. That is, if the bounty for winning the Friendship, Maine Lobster Boat Races will provide enough for Steve to get through another winter in Maine. ‘Elizabeth’ is one of the prettier lobster boats, with her long sheer and nice lines. And then when the engine starts – her good looks are forgotten and her grumbling new engine makes her presence known and she is a force to be reckoned with on the water.  Continue reading

Checking in at CLC with Waterlust

Screenshot 2016-08-15 12.38.41

Watch the Waterlust team live on the CLC ShopCam and check out the finishing touches being added to their expedition boats.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we have been helping get the Waterlust Video and Adventure Team out on the water in their newly built custom boats, built on site at Chesapeake Light Craft. (check out our most recent post here) The design is pretty sweet and simple for a kit boat that can be rowed, foot paddled and sailed. The hull colors have been painted with Wet Edge Topside Paint – in derivatives (aka custom colors) they invented with White and Boston Whaler Blue colors.  The boats have been named ‘Anna’ and ‘Mia,’ for the cities where the boats will begin and end their maiden voyage (Annapolis and Miami). And the Waterlust fingerprint water drop has been imprinted on their mizzen for full branding effect. (And It looks super cool). Continue reading

Preserving History: Restoring a Cypress Rowboat

Here is a customer story worth sharing. This happy customer has a cool story relating to saving and restoring this historical rowboat. For us here at JD and the TotalBoat Tech Team, it’s a testament to the customer service we try to provide each and every customer. Many have lots of questions – boat building and restoration can be confusing and challenging. Which is precisely why we work hard to get all the systems, products and processes down pat – so we can help you.
Here is Kent and Audrey’s note and a photo of their restoration project:

Continue reading

How to Build the TotalBoat Work Skiff – Episode 7

Finally Louis Sauzedde, the master shipwright, is ready to put some planks along the sides of a single form to confirm that he really is building a work skiff. The 2 side planks alone, once joined to the bow stem and the newly constructed transom, show the form of the boat coming together and it is going to be a head turner, once completed. Check out this 7th video in the series and soak in Lou’s years of experience and confidence, that is allowing him to build this skiff without multiple forms and confusing plans.

20160812emailTBS Continue reading

Sailing & The 2016 Rio Olympic Games


How to Watch and cheer for the US Sailing Team competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

While the above video is not current (it’s a viral sensation from the 2012 games that is worth repeating) it is certainly relevant with the Olympics going on in Rio, Brazil. There has been a lot of talk about the venue, Rio’s lack of preparedness and the water quality specifically, have been topics that are close to sailors, as they have a good chance of not only sailing in contaminated water, but of having trash in the water foul their blades (rudders, centerboards, etc) which could certainly affect medal chances and make or break a race for any sailor out there.  Continue reading

Intergalactic FUN for O’pen Bic Junior Sailors

Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.35.24

When you get 50 kids in one spot on a hot summer day, you better have a great plan to keep them busy and smiling (50 whiners is not pretty…). One sure way, we have found, is to send them out on a fleet of O’pen Bics with a partner and make them do crazy things while under sail. It seems this technique keeps the junior sailors occupied with thoughts about how to best hot-shot the fleet and come up with the coolest trick or the best technique for some challenging “UnRegatta” sailing. Continue reading