Wood Sails Dreams, Extras – Jon Wilson

We met Jon Wilson at a critical point in the making of the documentary film Wood Sails Dreams. He helped solidify the ideas that guided the film. There are plenty of videos of beautiful boats. But films hinge on the exploration of ideas, he journey of experience. Jon gave us context to those ideas by letting us into his own experience, which made all the difference. What got left out of Wood Sails Dreams was the creation story of WoodenBoat magazine. This is a short version in Jon’s own words.

How To Clean Your Fiberglass Boat Hull and Remove Water Stains

This how to┬ávideo shows you how to clean yellow and brown water stains from the hull of your boat to brighten the fiberglass. Presented is a cheap way to mixed up an acid solution to remove stubborn stains from your boat’s gelcoat finish.

Coronet project

This is a video extra from the film Wood Sails Dreams. In the process of writing, filming, and editing a feature length documentary film, there is some footage that remains unseen and some stories that remain untold. This is one of them. When you walk into the shop, at the back of the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) in Newport, RI, and first see the restoration of the sloop Coronet, you are stunned by the scope of the project and by the passion of everyone involved with it.