Our How-To Videos Help Get the Job Done

When Jamestown Distributor’s customer, Danny Thwaites, submitted these images of his boat and custom carbon fiber hard top rebuild after watching our How-To video on the process, we were thrilled to see that it looks like he was able to follow along and use our video series to construct his own hard top bimini. Which – of course – was our intention. But since everyone who can click “PLAY” on the YouTube video can’t necessarily do many of the tasks in the video, it’s great to learn about the boaters who dig in and go for it (with skill and some confidence).

Danny Thwaites writes to us about the process here and sent us a bunch of great photos about his project. Watch the video series then check out Danny’s photos. Continue reading

Boat and Boathouse Envy

In the category of “things I want…” comes this sweet boathouse on the shores of Charlevoix, Michigan. Find me a boater that isn’t a sucker for sweet, waterfront real estate. Then add a massive boathouse to the deal, stuffed to the gills with very cool wooden boats, kayaks and canoes, little RIBS and plenty of pleasure craft for all to enjoy. (at once with a crowd.) It’s a museum, basically, with antique boats, engines and cool marine artifacts from years and years of collecting and it is downright awe inspiring. Continue reading

How to Build the TotalBoat: A Work Skiff (Episode 4) Cutting the Transom

Louis Sauzedde is building the TotalBoat Work Skiff in his driveway and has been busy cutting the lumber he has hand selected for the sides of the skiff. In this episode, he gets busy working on the transom, which is arguably one of the most important pieces of the boat. With the side planks cut, he finds a board that will fit his transom and explains how and why he cuts the board with extra room for fitting. A specific angle is needed for mounting an outboard and Lou has some tips about how to best cut this very important angle without removing too much wood.  Continue reading

Join Us Tomorrow: Providence Community Boating’s ‘Renaissance Regatta’

TOMORROW – Thursday July 21 is the Providence Community Boating Renaissance Regatta.  Please come! It is a fun event with lots of cool boats to check out and maybe even take a ride on one! DSC_0001w

  • Junior Regatta for the Sailors

  • The very beautiful Sparkman and Stevens, “Sonny” will be showcased dockside

  • The extreme ‘Moth’ Foiling sailboat will be doing a foiling and Racing Demo

  • A high performance catamaran – M32 will be on hand for Demos and boat rides

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The O’pen Bic Intergalactic [Super Fun] Regatta: Next Thursday, July 28th!

It’s only a little more than a week away!  (Next Thursday the 28th is coming fast!) Have you registered? Last year was such a blast for kids and parents as friends and teammates shredded a fun course that involved squirt guns, capsizes,  a stand-up race, and the always amusing beach starts. (check out the video from last year above)

Send your sailor for a regatta experience unlike most others, as we remove the stress and crank the fun factor. Kids won’t want to race or even sail if it’s stressful and anxiety inducing. And many kids find this to be the case with crowded starting lines, confusing mark roundings and panicky capsizes and rightings… The O’pen Bics are fast and fun and the Intergalactic UnRegatta is the ultimate celebration of sailing with a friend, enjoying your competition and sailing fast on a boat that wants to GO! Continue reading

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How to Build the TotalBoat: A Work Skiff (Episode 3)

Finally Part 3 of our series on skiff building is here!

Follow the Tips from a Shipwright star, Louis Sauzedde, back to his workshop where he is sawing the planks for the TotalBoat Work Skiff he is building.  Lou has a great tip for cutting the adjoining planks so they align perfectly when fit onto the skiff.  Continue reading

Sea Chair – Art from A Plastic Ocean

Have a look at this beautiful video that speaks to the fact that the ocean is full of all the consumer plastics we use that just Won’t. Go. Away! These clever fishermen decided to do something with all the plastic they pulled up in their nets and create a memento of their bycatch.  Ocean health should matter to anyone who gets enjoyment from time on the waves and in the water. And I think that means YOU!  Continue reading

TotalBoat Photo Contest – Have You Entered?


It’s been super fun to see the submissions coming in for our TotalBoat Project Photo Contest.  The variety of projects is fun to see and ranges from topside paint jobs using Wet Edge Paint to varnish boats, boards and hatches, lots of Boston Whaler restorations and bottom jobs.

If you have yet to submit to the photo contest – you still have time! We are accepting entries through July and will announce our winner. Continue reading

How to Prep Your Boat For Varnish (Without Stripping)


The mantra of any wooden boat owner (or boat owner with wood to varnish) is typically: coats, coats, coats! The idea with varnish is to build up to a thick coat for the best protection from UV rays, salt, use and abuse and, of course, the harsh marine environment. But there can be such a thing as too many coats of varnish, and in this case the thought of stripping it all to bare wood and starting over can be too much. Continue reading