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When we heard about the guys at the Grain Surfboards shop up in York, Maine we were understandably excited. Sold as kits to build and craft on your own, or ordered in various stages of completion – these ingenious kits fit right into the TotalBoat philosophy of being the master of your craft. If you use your mind and hands to shape and create a toy that you love, the bond between craftsperson and project is forever a part of the joy you get in return.

Jamestown Distributors is proud to partner with Grain by selling their kits in our store and by providing Grain with the TotalBoat line of epoxies, paints and more.  Soon Grain will be on the road, spreading their joy of crafting these beautiful boards and TotalBoat is along for the ride. Watch this space for an announcement about the upcoming East Coast Tour. If you love the waves and appreciate the joy in crafting your own ride, then the Grain boards are for you.  Check out their line of boards here and get to work on building your own.

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Time to roll (and tip!) Brendan preps the #TotalBoat #WetEdge topside paint and is ready to paint his #StoneHorse #sailboat. #boatwork #preparation #paint #JamestownDistributors

Time to roll (and tip!) Brendan preps the #TotalBoat #WetEdge topside paint and is ready to paint his #StoneHorse #sailboat. #boatwork #preparation #paint #JamestownDistributors

46′ Gar Wood Ensign Bleached Blonde

Why take the time and spend the money bleaching the planking? Compare this clip to the one posted earlier this week for an excellent before and after comparison of the 1946 Gar Wood Ensign. Bleaching makes the coloration infinitely more uniform, while it also raises the grain, thereby delivering the perfect environment for the filler stain that follows bleaching.

Sanding lightly, and I mean lightly, scuff off the “feathers’ left by bleaching by hand and using 200-220 grit paper comes next. Do not get aggressive here as the bleached layer is only 1/32” to 1/16” deep. Sand through it and you will either end up with disfiguring blotches when you stain, or you must bleach anew.

Wood Bleach is available at Jamestown Distributors.

Rather than applying once and allow the surface to dry, and then coming back with a second application that must be neutralized, we keep the planking wet with repeated applications of the equal-part A and B solution over at least 12 hours before allowing the wood to dry.

Our results speak for themselves.

Drying will continue for the rest of today. Yes, the covering boards appear a bit darker than is the rest of the planking at this moment. Why? Because they are original to 1946, and are therefore a bit more porous than is the new planking, they are still quite wet. Once dry, they will match the rest of the planking.

We will stain the planking using Interlux InterStain Wood Filler Stain in brown mahogany tomorrow morning.

Then comes three coats of Penetrating Epoxy, and into the paint booth she will go, where varnishing can begin.

Fairlie 55 – Construction Video Diary

A short video of the entire build process, from lofting to launch, of the Fairlie 55.
It’s the culmination of 13 months filming at Fairlie Restorations in Hamble.

What a beautiful boat and an impressive project. This video shows the amazing amount of detail that goes into every inch of a classic build both above and below decks. If you have ever wanted to sit in on a total build project, watch this and in 12:28 you get the whole process and even a sail at the end.

When you are ready to build your own, come to Jamestown Distributors for all your boat building needs. Most every tool shown in this video can be bought in our online store or at our expanded retail location in Bristol, RI.

Northwest School of Boatbuilding – Time Lapse

Visit the school for more information: http://www.nwboatschool.org – This is a time-lapse video I created based on photos taken at 60 sec intervals for 4 months while at NWSWB. The large boat is a Cape Cod Catboat and behind it is an Edwin Monk Sunray Lake runabout.

Of course Jamestown Distributors sells everything you need for your boatbuilding project from stem to stern. Come see our newly expanded shop in our Bristol, RI location or visit our online store. Our call center experts are ready to help you with your order.

Watch This Guy Create a Beautiful Surfboard from Scrap Wood

Matt Gahan’s Story Board is a perfect illustration to the belief that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While most see a wooden pallet like this as bonfire material, Donald Brink sees potential. He see’s the potential to create a unique surf craft that is fun, sustainable, and stimulates his artistic curiosities. Creating your own surfboard like this may seem a bit time-consuming, but let’s face it, surfboards aren’t exactly cheap. Plus, the non-recyclable materials and petrochemicals that are still being used by the majority of surfboard manufacturers today do not jive well with the environment. Not only is Donald Brink trying to undermine this approach to surfboard manufacturing, but he’s also revolutionizing surfboard design with his unique, asymmetrical shapes. So check out Matt Gahan’s latest installment and get inspired to build something of your own.

When you are ready to build something of your own, Jamestown Distributors offers a complete line of Grain kit surfboards to make it happen!  Order one, get building and then hop into the upcoming Grain East Coast Workshop Tour to check in with the pros. Or just to show off your sweet new ride.

How to Buff and Wax a Boat

Since spring is coming soon (no, really!) it is time to think about boat prep and launching. In this video Trevor demonstrates how to properly buff and wax a boat on a heavily oxidized 52′ Sea Ray with colored topsides.

Jamestown Distributors sells many lines of boat buffing and waxing necessities. TotalBoat TotalBuff Rubbing Compound and TotalBoat TotalShine Finishing Compounds are excellent products we have developed to maximize your shine and minimize your labor. Or get the whole Boat Polishing Kit – including a variable speed Angle Polisher/ Sander, polishing pads, gloves and more!

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There is always #training and product #testing and #learning going on around here. Betcha our competition can't touch our staff's depth of knowledge for every product we sell. #bottompaint #totalboat #interlux

There is always #training and product #testing and #learning going on around here. Betcha our competition can’t touch our staff’s depth of knowledge for every product we sell. #bottompaint #totalboat #interlux

Sailing on the Herreshoff Schooner, Eleonora

Too much snow covering your fine yacht? In the northeast the sailing season is a distant dream, and hoisting and trimming sails seems foreign to those muscles now reserved for shoveling. How to remedy this on a fine winter’s day in February? GO [virtually] SAILING!

Eleonora is a replica of the mythic Nathaniel Herreshoff schooner, Westward, built in Bristol, RI in 1910. She was the fastest schooner of her day and this replica built in Holland in 2000, also impresses with her speed and beauty.

Beautiful wooden yachts such as Eleonora, tend to require lots of paint and varnish and Jamestown Distributors has it all! As we wait for the snow to melt and the season to crank up, it’s a great time to be working on putting coats down on your teak and mahogany pieces. From tapes to rollers, trays, brushes and all the paints, varnishes and coatings you could need – our store staff and call center is ready to help you select the right tools for your jobs. Let our top rated customer service reps get you started…and finished! So you can hit the water and sit back and admire your winter work.  Until then – Enjoy the sail!

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Applying TotalBoat Epoxy to Martha's #grainsurfboard fin. #shopnight #totalboat #epoxy #DIY #Jamestowndistributors

Applying TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy to Martha’s #grainsurfboard fin. #shopnight #totalboat #epoxy #DIY #Jamestowndistributors #funplacetowork #projects #shop #surf #wood

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