More Tips from A Shipwright: How to Strike a Straight Waterline

Since no one seems to tire of the wisdom from the ultimate shipwright, Lou Sauzedde, we again offer a video from his Tips from A Shipwright Series that we guess will be very timely and useful to those of us who are repainting a bottom and wanting a straight waterline. Is there really any other kind of waterline to have? Well, sadly – Yes!

How often have you seen a boat on her mooring with a wonky waterline? It stands out as an obvious mistake and while it’s easy to tape a nice line for your bottom paint job, getting that line to be level and at the actual waterline is another trick.

Painting a new waterline doesn’t have to be a big deal. Nail your topsides paint job and then get out the string and get leveling. Lou’s methods are time tested. He doesn’t cut corners, but does a great job explaining simple execution of common tasks which plague many boaters.


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Videos are constantly being made around here to enhance the #totalboat user experience. #tips and #tricks from the #experts #bostonWhaler #whalerblue #paint #wetedge @fishhawkfilms

Videos are constantly being made around here to enhance the #totalboat user experience. #tips and #tricks from the #experts #bostonWhaler #whalerblue #paint #wetedge @fishhawkfilms

JD Tent Sale – Saturday April 11th – 8am-4pm


Mark your calendars for the annual Jamestown Distributors spring tent sale! This one-day only event will be held rain-or-shine from 8 AM to 4 PM on Saturday April 11th, here at 17 Peckham Drive, Bristol RI. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Lowest Prices Of The Year on Popular Items. The arrival of spring here in New England is marked by the rush to get boats ready and in the water. Whether you are polishing & waxing, painting, varnishing, restoring weathered teak, repairing gelcoat, or just need to replace some dock line, we’ve got you covered.
  • TotalBoat by Jamestown Distributors. Explore our TotalBoat lineup of epoxies, paints, primers, wood finish and polishing supplies. We spent three years working with local boatbuilders and customers, developing products that provide great results, are easy to use, and provide incredible value.
  • Our Expanded Store. Nearly 7,000 square feet of boating essentials from abrasives and adhesives, all the way to inflatables and outboard engines.
  • Product Demonstrations. Talk application technique, materials, prep, safety and more as we do live bottom paint, topside paint, varnish, epoxy and other product demos.
  • Meet Manufacturers Representatives. Reps from many of our top brands will be on hand, assisting with demonstrations and answering your questions. Talk with experts from 3M, Ancor, Aquagard, Awlgrip, Biobor, BoatLife, Cal June, Caviness, Fein, Forespar, Interlux, Jabsco, Lowrance, Marinco, New England Ropes, Norton, Rule, Teleflex, Thetford, Torqeedo, Vetus & more.
  • Outrageous Warehouse Deals. We’re cleaning out the warehouse and that means blowing out discontinued items, returns, and inventory we didn’t even know we still had! Make us an offer we can’t refuse.

See you there!

MAP IT: 17 Peckham Drive Bristol, RI 02809 

Congratulations to Al & Vance, Interlux Photo Contest Winners


Here is the story of Al and Vance’s Shields restoration. The boat sure has come a long way and has plenty of #interlux on her hull! Wonderful work done by this Vermont couple. We wish them luck with the boat and look forward to seeing pics of them on the water! Congratulations to Al and Vance! A $500 Interlux credit has been reserved in their names.

Here is the complete restoration photo album:  Jamestown Distributors is pleased to have provided most materials and all #interlux products for this restoration, as well as some Tech Help and advice along the way! Well done! Almost time to sail!!


Tips for Cleaning Your Varnish Brushes

Hopefully you are ready to lay some coats of varnish on your boat’s woodwork in preparation for spring launching. Any good varnisher will tell you that you need a good brush for great varnish jobs and it would be wasteful to use a new brush for each coat. With proper care of a good brush you can make it last beyond just one project. So spring for that badger brush and watch this video about how to care for it to make it last!

Lou has been really pleased with the TotalBoat Gleam Spar Varnish and has been using it with success for a few years now. If you have yet to try it out – now is a great time. It has great UV resistance and is available in clear or satin finish. Be a TotalBoat Gleam Varnish fan like Lou and check it out!


New TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift


This 20′ classic Seacraft powerboat has an issue that is not unfamiliar to most trailering boaters – power or sail.   Because she lives either in the water or on the trailer, it has been years since we have been able to paint her bottom where she sits on her trailer bunks. There are growth and barnacles from where “Flotsam” sat on the trailer for the last many season’s paint jobs – and even the power washer couldn’t get under those bunks in the fall when the boat was pulled out of the water.

Enter TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift: An idea hatched by Mike Mills of Jamestown Distributors, Mike knew that many boaters struggle with this issue every year as he too trailers a 20′ powerboat. Working with the masters of boat stands at Brownell, the TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift was designed and a brilliant idea was born! No longer is the bottom of a trailered boat unreachable. The pieces easily attach to the trailer and effortlessly lift up to 10,000 pounds of boat safely while attached to the trailer the whole time. (2500 pounds on each stand). They are fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of trailers and boats and are mounted and operated easily by oneself or with a helper.


Check out the NEW TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift at Jamestown Distributors. Sold in a 4 pack, it’s a great item to buy with a few boating pals and share as bottoms are prepped and ready for painting.      Make your bottoms happy, folks!

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Hillary hand carves these babies. How cool is she? #wood #carve #sailboat #girlpower #sherocks #shopnight #totalboat #gleamvarnish

Hillary hand carves these babies. How cool is she? #wood #carve #sailboat #girlpower #sherocks #shopnight #totalboat #gleamvarnish

Tips from A Shipwright – Part 12: How to Caulk A Wide Seam

More expertise from resident shipwright, Louis Sauzedde. If you have been following along with the series, we left off with a video on how to caulk tight seams. But when the seam is too wide for cotton caulking – it’s time to rethink. Watch as the master, Lou, shows us how to handle this common wooden boat problem.

We love Tips from A Shipwright. Thanks to Lou for sharing his knowledge. Thanks to you for sharing this video post if you too love Lou!



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Martha's #grain #surfboard is almost ready to ride the waves... Leash tie and vent installed. Lookin sweet! @grainsurfboards now we just need some #sun and #surf!

Martha’s #grain #surfboard is almost ready to ride the waves… Leash tie and vent installed. Lookin sweet! @grainsurfboards now we just need some #sun and #surf!