Planing the forefoot and new plank

Master Shipwright Louis Sauzedde is putting the final touches on the stem that he replaced on a historic Herreshoff 12 1/2 from Bristol, Rhode Island. Follow along this wooden boat repair project for tips on using an electric plane and how Lou recommends using a hand plane on the forefoot and new plank.

Craftsmanship and the wider culture

This is a video EXTRA from the feature length documentary film Wood Sails Dreams. In the process of making a documentary film there is plenty of footage that does not make it to the final cut. Moments like this deserve to be remembered. Terry Nathan, president of the International Yacht Restoration School, in Newport RI, talks about the connection between working with one’s hands and the larger culture.

K2 Kiteboat Helicopter shoot

The Kiteboat Project has existed in some form since 1997, when Don Montague first began attaching kites to boats. Between 1997 and 2006, Don worked with a team in Hawaii to develop kites for use with surfing canoes, small catamarans, and large motored cats; their accomplishments included wave-riding and several island crossings. Between 2006 and 2008, Don worked on modifying and testing the Trifoiler and Quadfoiler test platforms through Makani Power, a Bay Area wind power company that he co-founded in the fall of 2006. The current team began to take shape in late 2008, when the Kiteboat Project acquired funding from the Marine Science Technology Foundation and moved to its own workshop in Alameda. We have since secured other funding and have put together a team of marine architects, sailors, and software developers dedicated to realizing the Kiteboat vision through building and testing the first platform of its kind built specifically for kites.

Time Lapse Epoxy Sheathing Plywood Boat Decks

In this video I am removing the fittings and windscreen, sanding the existing finish and applying a woven glass and epoxy sheath. After this I will apply a polyurethane varnish.