TotalBoat Team: Brock Callen

BC 2 (26)
When it comes to testing TotalBoat Epoxy we at Jamestown Distributors take no shortcuts, enter Brock Callen. A professional sailor by trade and a speed sailor by addiction. Brock has a long list of accomplishments in the sailing world but it wasn’t until recently that he began applying his skills and knowledge to building Kiteboarding Speedboards and Foils. With the help of Tom King, Patrick Gavin Brynes and the Team at Dancing Turtle, Brock has completed two new Asymmetric SpeedBoards, two Symmetric Boards and two new sets of Hydrofoiling Wings with more to come.
Currently Brock is training for the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championships and it is with great pleasure that Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat Epoxy announce our partnership with Brock as his materials sponsor. For more information on Brock check out his website:

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