Quick and Easy Method to Remove Screws

Shipwright Louis Sauzedde continues his work on a Herreshoff 12 1/2. In part 2 Lou shows his method for easily removing screws from the planks on a historic Herreshoff 12 1/2 wooden sailboat. Lou also shows how to remove cotton caulking by twisting the exposed thread.

12 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Method to Remove Screws

  1. Positively some great information. Lou provides concepts that are not found elsewhere! I enjoy how he describes the process and demonstrates them so clearly.

  2. This is one of the most useful and well narrated video I have seen in a long time. Louis is a wonderful teacher as well as a master shipwright.

  3. I’ve been messin’ about for about 50 yrs+/-. Learned some new tricks today. (I prefer wood bungs for taking out) I can’t say I’ve ever had screws come out as easily as shown with a light twist of a small screw driver! Can you do a video demonstrating removal of broken screws?
    Keep the videos coming – theyre great.

  4. That video was very helpful to me. I own a 18 foot pontoon and need to remove it to replace my bunk carpet on my trailer. Do you have such a video? Can you advise me of what equipment I need to purchase in order to do so? Thanks! Gerald

  5. And now you know another reason why constructing a boat out of wood is obsolete. Louis is a careful mechanic. Wood screws don’t usually come out that easily…nor should they.

  6. where can I get that tool for cleaning up the screw heads. Or is that shop made? If so can you provide some more details. That thing is perfect

  7. liked this video, especially the screw driver to clean the hole. I found a spot weld removing tool to be very helpful also but only one size, screw driver fits all and the slot cleaner was great also. We removed and replaced a lot of wood from our rotten deck 1974 Trojan 30. thanks

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