7 thoughts on “TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint

  1. Mr. Sauzedde is a tremendous resource for us amateur boat builders and restorers. He consistently passes on little tricks that make things a lot easier. Thank you for making him available to us.

  2. What kind of prep work did you have to do before applying the paint. I have a 1967 Hatteras I would like to try this paint on.

  3. Nice video. Good info on the rolling part, not so much about tipping though. I noticed that the tipper was holding a container of paint. Was he applying additional paint, or was the container more for wiping the brush to get rid of excess paint as he went along?

  4. To avoid marks where where the brush first touches the paint, never brush out of the wet paint (or varnish) towards the wet edge. Always brush from the the wet edge into new paint.

  5. Just one coat? Looks like you went over primer or paint that was in good condition. If it’s a new boat what primer would you use and how many coats of paint . Thanks

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