Steambending Fishing Platforms


This video from Angus Ross shows the steambending process that he used to build custom Wave-like benches. This series of unique sculptural fishing platforms for the city of Canterbury run along the Riverside walk on the river Stour.

6 thoughts on “Steambending Fishing Platforms

  1. Angus – The platforms are beautifully done!! I have done so steam bending in my time as well. I use MPVC 4″ or 10″ diameter pipe, capped and
    vented at one end and use an appropriate diameter of pipe plug.
    A little difficult to explain in verbiage, if I could send you drawings of my setup,
    I certainly wood!! BWHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  2. Are these platforms for handicapped people, or is everyone limited to a platform?
    Using oak, doesn’t it blacken in the wet conditions in UK and Scotland?
    By the way, beautifully done.

  3. I love it! Not only the bending, but the design elements are very unique! Have you guys ever tried bending pressure treated wood?

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