Watch This Guy Create a Beautiful Surfboard from Scrap Wood

Matt Gahan’s Story Board is a perfect illustration to the belief that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While most see a wooden pallet like this as bonfire material, Donald Brink sees potential. He see’s the potential to create a unique surf craft that is fun, sustainable, and stimulates his artistic curiosities. Creating your own surfboard like this may seem a bit time-consuming, but let’s face it, surfboards aren’t exactly cheap. Plus, the non-recyclable materials and petrochemicals that are still being used by the majority of surfboard manufacturers today do not jive well with the environment. Not only is Donald Brink trying to undermine this approach to surfboard manufacturing, but he’s also revolutionizing surfboard design with his unique, asymmetrical shapes. So check out Matt Gahan’s latest installment and get inspired to build something of your own.

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5 thoughts on “Watch This Guy Create a Beautiful Surfboard from Scrap Wood

  1. Beautiful example of reclaimed wood turned into a nice work of art.
    Each board is different because of the grain of the woods.

  2. Pallet wood is generally extremely dense (heavy). It seems like a poor choice where weight is a consideration. It is difficult to achieve acceptable weight even using very low density wood like paulownia. Beautiful movie though.

  3. Free wood is good, but…

    Given the cost of the other components and the time and effort that went into it, I’d spend the money on nice kiln-dried wood.

    The pallets needn’t go to waste. A nice bonfire on the beach?

  4. Years ago I had made tables, wall clocks and pitcher frames from pallet woods. Living in New England, most of the woods found where oaks,maples, Elm, Spruce and some unidentifiable woods….Occasionally Cherry
    There was allot of work and waste, but time well spent. Thank You for access to your video, . Reclaimed/recycled woods are becoming a new thing and very desirable and this will motivate me think out of the box on my next project…

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