The Boatyard

This is such a nice look into the shed and home of a passionate wooden boat lover. Seems like a nice way to start the week. Sometimes we get some consumed by projects like a boat that we forget that time is on our side and that the best things in life are often those we fashion and shape with our hands and our hearts.

John Kidder gets it. We reached out to John to see where he stands with his project. Here is his update. And for what it’s worth, John – we think you’re right on schedule. With your heart, at least.

JK: I haven’t worked on it much this winter but will start back up when it warms up.

The boat was designed by JB Kearney and built in Malahide Ireland in 1951 by builders (Tim Leonard was one) who originated from west cork (Baltimore).  In 2011 I was on sabbatical in Cork and volunteered on a project at Hegarty’s boatyard (see and I ended up meeting and working with Mr Leonard’s nephew, Fachtna O’Sullivan! He’s the head shipwright at Hegartys. I also spoke on the phone with an older gentleman who remembered watching the boat being built.

It was sailed over in the mid 80’s by an Irishman and his american wife (who I’ve chatted with) and sold a couple of times.  I bought it off a guy and his wife in Stuart FL and had it trucked up to Vermont. I don’t have any pictures of it sailing but I do have pics of it crossing the border into VT.

Once it’s finished (don’t ask when that will be ….I’ve given up guessing) I’ll take it down to Buzzards Bay…my family has a house on Cuttyhunk Island.  A few years ago I met an Irishman on the beach at Cuttyhunk who was from Malahide…..Small world!

Thanks, John. We love Cuttyhunk, too and we will be on the lookout for your fine yacht…soon! BEST OF LUCK!

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