New TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift


This 20′ classic Seacraft powerboat has an issue that is not unfamiliar to most trailering boaters – power or sail.   Because she lives either in the water or on the trailer, it has been years since we have been able to paint her bottom where she sits on her trailer bunks. There are growth and barnacles from where “Flotsam” sat on the trailer for the last many season’s paint jobs – and even the power washer couldn’t get under those bunks in the fall when the boat was pulled out of the water.

Enter TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift: An idea hatched by Mike Mills of Jamestown Distributors, Mike knew that many boaters struggle with this issue every year as he too trailers a 20′ powerboat. Working with the masters of boat stands at Brownell, the TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift was designed and a brilliant idea was born! No longer is the bottom of a trailered boat unreachable. The pieces easily attach to the trailer and effortlessly lift up to 10,000 pounds of boat safely while attached to the trailer the whole time. (2500 pounds on each stand). They are fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of trailers and boats and are mounted and operated easily by oneself or with a helper.


Check out the NEW TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift at Jamestown Distributors. Sold in a 4 pack, it’s a great item to buy with a few boating pals and share as bottoms are prepped and ready for painting.      Make your bottoms happy, folks!

7 thoughts on “New TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift

    • Eric. We are 100% sure these boat lifts are a bit safer than that. Boats drop off their stands all the time. Don’t get caught under the boat! Better to get a “bottle of Jack” and celebrate your killa paint job after you lower the boat back down on its trailer with the TB Trailer Boat Lifts. Don’t blame us for a little ingenuity, engineering and common sense. Safety first!

    • The boat lift units will lift up to 10,000 pounds, with 2500 lbs on each of the 4 stands. Whether or not it will work on your boat depends not only on the weight, but on your trailer. Please call us at 800-423-0300 and speak with one of our customer service representatives and they will gladly help you determine whether or not it fits your trailer. (provided the boat is less than 10K pounds!) THANKS!

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  2. looks like a great product…will look to purchase toward fall. I just finished having some else jack and paint the bottom of my boat.

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