Totally [not] TOP SECRET: TotalBoat Shop Night

Every Tuesday night there is a [not-so] secret meeting and a drum beat emanates from the lit shed in the back of the JD warehouse. It’s the unmistakable beat of sanders, vacuums, grinders, and one very busy paint mixer. If you can’t hear it – you can smell it. Around here, at least. A chemical cocktail of varnishes, epoxy and topside paintsTHIXO and bottom paint swirls around my head long after I’ve left the building. There is no peace pipe or wampum, but thankfully there are beers and some Ricottis (simply the best!) subs going around. Music is blasting. Spirits are high. Maybe it’s that chemical cocktail… maybe it’s the “fun” (yes, fun!) of hanging in a well appointed shop with your relaxed and slightly buzzed co-workers while you sand your… whaler/ centerboard/ dresser drawers/ surfboard/ sunfish…. and the list goes on. Meet Shop Night.


The TotalBoat Shop was born a few years ago, probably because there were a few too many boats sitting outside under evil plastic covers and a bit too much room between shelving units in the warehouse. With a smaller adjacent boat shop maxed out and plenty of supplies to go around, products to test and employees with boats or projects, the thought was to invite JD employees and their family and friends with muscle and vision into the shop for the winter months to knock off some projects and document them along the way. With carte blanche to try any open can or container of TotalBoat product – and to use, abuse and report back it’s pros and cons – a nice crowd has formed for Tuesday nights in the TotalBoat Shop. And the TotalBoat products reap the benefits of serious product use and testing by those of us who sell it, speak it and use it!

As you will see in the album below and the video above, the project vary widely. Melanie, Call Center Manager, has stripped and is varnishing a gorgeous wooden dresser that had paint chipping and occupied a corner of her basement. Chuck, Purchasing Manager, picked up a formerly shabby O’Day Mariner and has buffed that baby smoother and whiter than a baby’s backside. He is tackling gel coat cracks, a new paint job down below, some upgraded hardware and a rudder “job.” Hillary, call center guru and know-it-all boater/ craftswoman extraordinaire, usually shows up with a funky cool art project or carving. Her talent and knowledge seems endless. Lizzie, TotalBoat Road Warrior Super Sales Chick (Territory: Worldwide) is “fixing up” her sweet 17′ Whaler with rub rail repair, a new cooler-esque seat, paint, polish and more.

So if you find yourself near JD HQ on a Tuesday night and you smell ShopNight kicking off or hear the drumbeat, stop in. Last night we had 3 customers swing through. One for a special after hours pickup of emergency supplies for his Newport tour boat ( and a few to check out and try out TotalBoat Wet Edge topsides paint and Epoxy. We love that. We love boats, customers, stinky epoxies and buzzing sanders. Come play.

And follow TotalBoat Show for updates on the various cool (and random) projects going on over there. That is until the place is deserted in a month or so…and the boats are afloat and being loved for our short summer and fall seasons.

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