Spring Commissioning with TotalBoat – Part 1: BOAT REPAIR


The winter was unkind to many of our boats and plans for a tidy and possibly even early? spring commissioning. Around here, snow banks are finally almost a distant memory and any day over 40 degrees feels like a heat wave. So gentlemen and women – start your sanders… time to get down to business and tick off the projects on your spring commissioning  list.

TotalBoat Show is ready to help with the full support of our award winning customer support team and help line. Daily we get accolades from pleased customers raving about how knowledgable and helpful our call center and tech help hotline are. And we work hard to learn about and try every product we can to give you – the customer – the best advice out there for jobs that aren’t always knocked off as easily as the instruction manual might lead you to believe.

Let us help you. Our well stocked Bristol, RI store is now open Saturdays from 7-3 and the call center is open until 6 Monday through Friday.

Our website and JDTV on YouTube are there 24/7 to help you make it through most every project you tackle. Below is a great video playlist from JDTV on YouTube with our Spring Commissioning videos to help you get going on your own. Start out watching with wiring your bilge pump and then choose from 12 more videos to help with all your boat painting, varnishing, engine prep and more!

Our website also features helpful how to videos with tips and tricks to ensure success with a specific product. Search for your project or product and our channel with thousands of videos will definitely back you up with solid advice and expertise.  And coming soon is our very own TotalBoat channel with all the TotalBoat product how to and info we can create, gather and post for you!

The clock is ticking…. get busy!

BONUS: Quick links to common commissioning products from JD and TotalBoat:

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Festool   Fein Tools   Fiberglass   StarBoard  JD Composite Cloth Sampler   THIXO

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