Palm Beach Vintage Regatta

Time to give some props to the vintage powerboating crowd. Owner or ogler, who doesn’t love to stare down a good old classic powerboat that has been painstakingly restored? Some serious revelers from Palm Beach, Florida decided to pay homage to their city’s yachting history and round up as many beauties as they could to participate in the reinvented Palm Beach Cup.  In 1917 a yacht regatta and gathering evolved into the Palm Beach Cup, which, at the time of the gilded 20’s, was a whos-who of yachting and Palm Beach lifestyle.  The idea to bring this event back to the Pam Beach waterfront was met with excitement and owners of classic powerboats from the area jumped on board agreeing to participate.

The lineup of boats was impressive, from the Presidential Yacht, Honey Fitz, best known for JFK’s use of her and her place in history as the last presidential yacht. The Palm Beach Regatta attracted the finest yachts of her day and this seemed like the year to revitalize the event and to “hopefully regain the attention of potential boaters and rekindle the flame for the older yachtsman and boaters alike.”

A few weeks ago marked the Inaugural Antique Yacht Exhibit and Sail Races. Over 20 vintage yachts were showcased for all to see. Aficionados, hobbyists and boat lovers flocked to the public event in downtown Palm Beach and confirmed what the organizers had suspected: there is still an appreciation for classic yachts and if they can’t be paraded or regatta-ed – then line ’em up and let the people stare.

Today’s video highlights the event and reinforces the notion that wooden boats can really draw a crowd. Enjoy!

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