How to Apply Topside Paint

It’s the time of year when you get to stand closer to your boat and its topsides than you can at any other time of year. Okay – maybe when you pull alongside in the dinghy or swim along the waterline for a cleanup you get a good look, but nothing screams PAINT ME more than a few months staring at your dinged up, scraped up hull at eye level.

Soon though, WE LAUNCH! So time to get those topsides in top condition. If you have gelcoat, you can fill and fair and patch – but it can be hard to match faded gelcoat and it can often end up looking worse than when you started! Enter: Topside Paint. With a nice finish and some clean, invisible brush strokes, a good topside paint job will look fathoms better than bad gelcoat. And oh man – does it cost less! A can of one-part TotalBoat Wet Edge topside paint can breathe new life into your whole boat with one simple application. Apply 2-3 coats and you’re even better off. (And it comes in 20!!! colors!)

Watch the “Tips from a Shipwright” guru, Lou Sauzedde, as he gives us some tips on how to get a great finish with this great paint. And if you’re like me, a topside paint job can get… marital… so when you pick a buddy to help you roll and tip – make them watch this video, too. Two experts are better than none!

And as you row up to or swim alongside your fine looking yacht, you will be happy you went for a new coat of paint on the topsides. As they say – a layer of paint can hide a multitude of sins (and crashes and dings and bad docking jobs and…..) Yup.

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