Ships Crashing in the Night

This compilation of ship “crashes” is not really that. Sure there is a crash or 2 and a few token bad docking jobs by ships big enough to make firewood out of nearby boats, but lots of this video shows how they beach ships that are out of commission and then presumably cut them up and resell the metals, materials, etc.

It’s fun to watch the ships drive themselves ashore – even if you were hoping (sickos) for more crashing and burning. Boating on any size vessel can be dangerous and accidents happen quickly and without warning. And as we suspected when we posted the video of ships in bad seas, y’all click to watch other people’s disasters.

So enjoy this little Monday morning booster as you settle into your day. And stay safe! Boating season is around the corner and this video should be a reminder to sort out your own safety gear…cuz ya never know!

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