Reach the Bottom of your Trailered Powerboat

We already told you about the cool new TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift that the boat trailering and bottom painting experts at Jamestown Distributors dreamed up… Well they are flying off the shelves because – as we say in Little Rhody – they are WICKED awesome and super helpful for getting under the boat for bottom painting and trailer work.

This new video we just produced shows you how easy it is to use the Trailer Mounted Boat Lift. You can single-handedly crank up the boat with your bare hands (turning the screw handles) and it’s safe and easy and it works on boats of all sizes and up to 10,000 pounds.

Sold in kits of 4, it’s not insane to think that you could get a set of the stands and share around the ‘hood, the club or even at the ramp as fellow boaters swoon at your perfectly painted boat’s bottom!

Available at here.

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