Outboard Fuel Care Tips from Mercury

The Pros at Mercury Marine share their fuel care tips using Quicksilver products specific to Mercury outboards, however their advice is good for any outboard – or inboard – gasoline engine. Hopefully if you had to store your engine for winter months, you added a stabilizer to the tank and ran it through the whole system to distribute the additive to every corner of your fuel system.

As many of us look to launching, it is again important to treat the fuel we add to the tank and engine with each fill up. Ethanol which is now common in all US gasoline, is no good for marine engines and an additive like the Fill Up Fuel Treatment should be added each time. A Fuel System Cleaner is needed once annually to clean the entire system and the storage solution – well – we’ll get back to that in the fall – but suffice to say I hope you added one to your tank this winter to keep whatever fuel remained in decent condition for spring operation.

Every outboard manufacturer produces their own brand of fuel treatment and there are other good ones out there too that are fine for most outboards as well. Look in your owners manual for your specific outboard and be sure to treat your oil, oil filtersspark plugs and fuel system with the recommended services to get the most mileage, fuel efficiency and life from your outboard, no matter the brand.


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