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Today is the day! For years, filmmaker Alexis Andrews has been in the southern Caribbean filming, watching and soaking up the world of island boatbuilding. Carriacou sloops are famous around many tropical racing circuits and their time has come – today, April 30th, the full length film, Vanishing Sail, will premier at the St. Barth’s Film Festival.

This “trailer” has been around for a while – but it’s a good reminder of why it’s exciting that the film is finally done and soon the rest of us (not in St. Barth’s) will have a chance to buy and view this major sailing film undertaking. 

From the Vimeo Page: Vanishing Sail was filmed in Carriacou in the southern Grenadines, where the last Caribbean boatbuilders maintain a tenuous grip on their traditional skills. In St. Barth’s where the smuggling trade in liquor & cigarettes thrived until the 1970s. And Antigua where the Carriacou vessels race each year among vintage yachts in the Classic Regatta.

Mixed with rare archive film & interviews with the last old Caribbean sea captains – the movie combines dramatic sailing footage with narration and an original soundtrack to tell the story of the Vanishing Sail of the West Indies.

“We will be premiering our film @ the 20th Anniversary St. Barth Film Festival on April 30th – with the last remaining Sloops & Schooners of the West Indies in attendance on the dock in Gustavia.

The event will be followed by the West Indies Regatta – “Reconnecting the Islands with Traditional Sail”. There will be further screenings at Film Festivals in the USA & Europe during the summer and fall. We shall of course notify you about these a well as eventual distribution and DVD availability.

We are really excited to be bringing this film to the world and we thank you for your interest!” (Alexis Andrews)


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