Stripping For Varnish

Lou Sauzedde, the Tips from a Shipwright mastermind, is back at it with some good tips on how to get your wood back down to bare grain in preparation for varnishing. Tis the season to lay on multiple coats, and whether you start from bare wood or not – preparation is key for adding coats for good UV protection in the sun and marine environment.

Lou covers how to remove stubborn spots and the various steps of surface prep before you are ready to lay down your varnish. Watch and learn from Lou!

8 thoughts on “Stripping For Varnish

  1. The hardest part to strip is the corner curve and Lou skips over that with “There is a little bit more work to do in the corner”, how so? Dealing with concave surfaces would be a good topic.

  2. Nice tips on “heat rising”, “squaring the tip of the knife”, and on the use of scrapers.
    For spruce and fir spars, I still prefer the speed of a 1-1/2 inch red devil scraper used dry, cold, and hard!

  3. thanks. I’m inspired…to try a heat gun next time. used my cabinet scrapers and sand paper yesterday and the day before, on the starboard side of Ipsut. You guys probably will groan when I say I’m switching to Deks Olje, #1 and 2. It is darker, but I don’t ever want to strip varnish again.
    cheers, bob. Stehekin Washington ( Lake Chelan)

  4. Lou is awesome. I’ve learned a ton for these videos and would love to meet the mastermind sometime.
    -Doc in Denver

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