A Legacy of Boating

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad day on the boat,” is how this video begins. “Being on the boat is the destination.” So many great little quotes in this short movie that make us realize, in the midst of bottom painting, varnishing and engine preparation, that slaving and obsessing about our boats and living any part of our lives on the water – is well worth the springtime aggravation!

My kids would rather be on the water than anywhere else. And In Rhode Island where the boating season is a short 5ish month season, we hustle each spring to get the boat ready and safe and afloat to launch a summer of memories. Our cameras and hearts finish each season overflowing with cool moments we spent together on the boat in our many afternoon and weekend outings. Each one offering something a bit different than the other to the memory bank. Fishing, paddling, swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, motoring, racing, floating – any or all of it – special enough to all of us to warrant a spring and fall shoulder season of paint and barnacles and scraping and sanding and varnishing. All for a few short months of the best times of our lives.

Yup. Boats = a hole in the water where we empty our pockets and fill our lives with love for the water. Whether it’s salt or freshwater, a river or a lake, a bay or an open ocean – please share below what makes it worth the work and sweat for you and your family. Because that’s exactly what TotalBoat is all about. Real people using products on our boats that cost less, go on easier and faster and work great – to get us out on the water making memories sooner and for longer than last season.

Thanks to Discover Boating for this reminder.

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  1. After living a working life of helping others with their boating enjoyment as a mechanic, instructer, and a Towboat operator my wife and I have retired and purchased our own boat for our own enjoyment. We both like to travel so we plan on doing the Great Loop, cruising to Prince Edward Island and the Bahamas. We also struggled with renaming our DeFever 49, as the previous owner had named it for his wife. As is the usual case my lovely smart wife came up with a name to honor our mothers, “Mari Jo”. We are looking forward to our travels.

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