Liveaboard Life: A Tiny Home at Sea

This here post is for my co-worker and fellow TBS-er/ TotalBoat nut and JD designer, Martha. I haven’t known her long but I can tell you a few things about her. She’s extremely socially responsible. She works hard and likes simplicity. She has immersed herself if it – with her sweet car (SmElement), at her oceanside, second floor apartment with water views and access, and in her lifestyle choices: (When it’s cold – ski. When it’s warm – Sail, surf or live and love the ocean). Period. She’s got it down. (and she’s kid free. for now. ahhhh. those days…)

All are admirable traits in a human. But what I secretly admire most – and marvel at a bit – is her desire to take part in the Tiny Movement. Tiny home, tiny footprint – tiny boat? Ok – so this video makes me realize that the coolest peeps of the Tiny Movement – those who embrace living in a 150 sq. foot box with composting toilet and self-sustaining veggie gardens and maybe even a living roof – have realized what most of us – and surely Martha – already knew. A BOAT IS (or can be) DARNED TINY! GO live on it! It moves. It shakes. It is cold and also warm and shelters us and can even be our transportation. If you make a shipping container into a home – you are in close second to us boaters who take families cruising on 25 foot sailboats. Your box home was one afloat. Ours might be as we speak. We boaters already knew all about the tiny house movement. Heck – we can take credit for creating it, even!

PS** You’re exempt from being one of the cool  “Tiny Boaters” if your vessel exceeds 30′ *unless* you have a kid for each limb of each parent and then you can divide your limb count by the number of humans aboard and then get the square root of the boat length divided by the square footage of the house you grew up in…. approximately.

So as you coastal Tiny Housers look for your perfect tract of land (waterfront? could you afford a piece of waterfront property for your tiny investment?) and the perfect yurt or container or cute little shed to go make into your home – why not check out what a nice little 25-footer would cost you? Comes with all the amenities needed and even if you never launched it – you’d presumably be close to the water and could afford the off-season fee to live up a few feet higher than the world on the hard. OR You could actually put it in and try to see the world. You could *try* to raise a family in there and live simply so that others can simply live… and all that. It’s just a thought…

I’ll move out of my massive (not) 1200 sq. foot home when my kids are done using it. And then i’m hopping on the first boat (35+ feet please, I’ve already done my tiny home part) and exploring the world with my first mate. And a dog probably. And the kids definitely can visit. (If they can find us)  Even when they’re tall like Dad, though, they will have to share a cute vee-berth with a stinky head adjacent like the good old days aboard our Marshall Cat 22. But by then that will be part of the plan… “Sure kids, meet us in the Bahamas. Don’t bring too much with you and don’t forget you’ll be sharing the vee-berth. Again. And, Martha – plenty of room for you up there, too!”

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