Rhode Island’s High Tech Tall Ship

Wired Magazine, the high tech people’s go-to pretty magazine, got all salty on us yesterday as they released this article about our very own tall ship here in Rhode Island, The Oliver Hazard Perry. OHP was just recently launched and debuted at the Newport Volvo Ocean Race Stopover. She caught the eyes of the editors at Wired because of her new systems and technology aboard that defy her ratlines, baggy-wrinkles and old-timey “Schoonie” looks.

Photo by Graeme Smith/ OHPRI

Photo by Graeme Smith/ OHPRI

But don’t be fooled! She is high tech and in all the right places. There are no electric winches or auto-pilots, but there are modern systems that no boatbuilder taking kids to sea could, in their right mind, deny. Having modern conveniences aboard will make selling sail training positions to teenagers who want to go to sea for a bit, that much easier. These days it would be hard to imagine putting a teen to sea without a little wifi and some super slick navigation tools to master.

Check out the article about the new ship. The Oliver Hazard Perry RI has been a great customer of Jamestown Distributors since they started this project over seven years ago. With state of the art classrooms aboard and brand new pretty much everything, you can bet I’ll be hearing about getting into this program from my sailor son. We wish OHP and all the mates aboard fair winds. We are thrilled you have made your massive project come to fruition, and say congrats for making it to the slick pages of “Wired.”

Read the ‘Wired’ Article Here


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