Timelapse of Making a New Stem for a 12 1/2

Oh, Lou. The master shipwright was back at it for this video of him making a new stem for the classic 12 1/2 Remora.  In this time-lapse, Lou uses the holes he drilled in the old stem as a pattern to create and laminate a brand new stem, and as usual – he makes it look so darned easy – and FAST!

More love for the time lapse here – as it’s a great way to show the progression of a project that is so important to the hull and therefore important to do right! Gluing the strips and clamping them on the jig he made with his old holes and the clamps is a great way to nail the shape and fit of a new piece. Nothing better than patterning off the old piece – so keep this in mind as you remove old or rotten wood – and try to preserve any pieces or clues that might be helpful in making your new piece.

Need some help with your laminating? – here is a video from Tips from a Shipwright cutting and gluing white oak into strips. These videos will get you going in no time:

Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Timelapse of Making a New Stem for a 12 1/2

  1. This guy is tremendous. He is to boats what Roger Barr is to cars on Chasing Classic Cars. Both carry a wealth of knowledge, have a special charm, and are great to learn from.

  2. It is very refreshing to read an advertisement that doesn’t use gutter language to attract the reader’s attention. I watch all of your instructional videos hoping to learn more about restoring my 46 year old Beetle Cat daysailer. Though in good condition now, I can always look for improvements.

  3. It’s really nice to watch someone who knows what he is doing and is willing to share. Louis is a great resource. Thank you Jamestown for showcasing Louis’ talent in these videos.

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