The Boat the Internet Will Build

Meet Doug Jackson and the hulking steel hull of the MotorSailor, ‘Seeker.’ ‘Seeker’ is parked in Doug’s front yard in Tulsa, Oklahoma waiting for the internet (you!) to come sign up to help build her. She is a 3 masted Chinese junk and his plan is to recruit energetic helpers with his videos, who are invited to come stay in his home and chip in with the mountain of boatbuilding that is required to get ‘Seeker’ built and afloat.

This is Doug’s “invitation” to you, internet, to come help out. He shows you around, explains the work to be done and the benefits of helping out and shows off his workshop. Seems like a fair deal! Ready to sign up? Let us know if you’re heading to Tulsa to help Doug out! He has plenty of work for everyone!


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