Monday GirlY Power Stoke

Still stoked about the chicks taking the first place spot on the last leg of the VOR? We are! To add to the excitement, the 6th place finishers of that leg, and the other TotalBoat favorite team, Team Alvimedica, posted a first place finish at the Lorient In Port Race, giving them a better chance of reaching an overall 3rd place podium finish if a lot of things go right for them and some wrong brushes with the other teams in their way (Mapfre and Dongfeng, specifically).

So to honor these hard working and now very well accomplished teams, we offer these few videos to keep the momentum and excitement going through to the finish line, about a week away, in Gothenburg Sweden. Don’t stop cheering or watching or hoping. These guys and girls can do it! They have proven so!

That one makes you smile. This next one makes my stomach feel yucky:

Go Girls and Go Young Guns on Alvi!  What will we do without the VOR to feed us exciting news and videos? Enjoy!




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