SWIM! for Clean Oceans & Bays

Are you a swimmer? Like a real “swim for miles in the ocean” kinda swimmer? NOT the jump off the boat and tread water and goofin’ off kind of swimmer.

If you can get your swim on, you can help to clean a few local bays (Buzzard’s Bay and Narragansett Bay) by helping to raise money for these 2 local conservation organizations.

You can even help if you’re NOT a swimmer. Donate to the organizations above or support a swimmer you know who is already doing the swim. It’s a great cause and great fun (?) for the hearty athletes who get out there and lay down the miles.

Every effort to clean our bays, oceans and waterways is a worthwhile endeavor. And not an easy one. Get to work being a responsible waterway lover and ditch the plastic! It’s the single easiest way to help right away.

Buzzards Bay Swim is SATURDAY! Donate today!

Save The Bay Narragansett Bay Swim is July 11.

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