Free GUNBOAT 55 Catamaran

You just have to get it home… from Northeast of Bermuda. And then rebuild it. No biggie….

Pic Courtesy of WaveTrain

Rainmaker, hull #1 of the once eagerly anticipated GB55’s, was abandoned at sea about 5 months ago after a nasty squall dropped her rig. The owner and his son were the 2 least experienced aboard and speculation says the boat was ditched too soon and they could have tried a self-rescue before abandoning ship.

All of that is nice from your cozy desk or chair – but faced with another storm coming to abuse the now mastless multihull, they pulled the plug and were rescued.rainsight.00

Several attempts were made to track down the drifting boat for naught, until yesterday when a passing freighter saw and photographed the hull adrift and close to the Gulf Stream.

Check it out. LOTS more of this story is here. (Beware: the awesome Insanity that is Anyone want a free Gunboat?

(Photos courtesy of Gunboat/ Facebook and 

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