2016 O’pen BIC RI Intergalactic Championships – NOTICE OF RACE


O’pen BIC RI Intergalactic Champs
Tiverton Yacht Club,
Blue Bill Cove, Portsmouth RI

July 28, 2016

The 2016 O’Pen BIC RI Championships will be hosted by the Tiverton Yacht Club on July 28, 2016.

The Organizing Authority for the regatta is the Tiverton Yacht Club Youth Sailing Foundation in association with the North American O’pen BIC Class.

Important Event Introduction: The purpose of this event is to run a fun event for youth sailors in a more loosely competitive style in dynamic junior boats. Results are not nearly as important as everyone having a good time sailing. It is our goal that the sailors improve their skills, make new friends, and have a ton of fun. This event will be a combination of “conventional” style race formats with unorthodox “Un-Regatta” style courses and events. Don’t expect conventional round the buoys racing or upwind starts for all races. Capsizes, freestyle, speed and fun will be required. If you are a hard-core racer with rule book in hand, this event may not be for you. If you want to have fun, challenge your limits, and pioneer a new chapter in Youth Sailing….. game on!

Race Format:

  • Racing will be organized into A/B Fleet racing with 2 sailors per team. 1 sailor sailing A Division, 1 Sailor sailing B Division.  (Like college and high school sailing)
  • Bring a friend to make a team.  
  • Sailor #1 will sail A Division and your friend will sail B Division (in your boat).

You must bring a friend! (to sail B Division for you!)  If you really can’t bring a friend to sail B division, then we will pair you up with a friend on site, or, you can sail both A and B division.


  • Any age is eligible.  Teams will be scored by combining finishes from A div and B div.  There will also be scoring within a division.

Schedule – July 28

Skippers Meeting at 1030am – The number of races will be determined by the Race Committee.   No warning signal will be given after 3:00 pm on July 28th


Races will be held on Blue Bill Cove (Island Park Cove)  which is Off of 24N in Portsmouth, south of the Sakonnet Bridge (North entrance – near Tommy Island and Rye Island).  This is where competitors should meet and rig.  Sailing will be in the cove, lunches, breaks, skippers meeting, raffle and fun will all be organized on the beach in Blue Bill Cove (Island Park Cove) (The same place as last year).


The regatta rules will be outlined in the Sailing Instructions which may modify standard US Sailing rules, and the OBCA’s Class Rules where applicable. Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the Organizing Authority.


You must Register Online!


The entry fee is $40 (when you bring your friend, it will only cost $20 per sailor

Registration payments must be made at the time of registration.

LUNCHSailors need to be bring their own lunch

SAILING INSTRUCTIONSThe Sailing Instructions will be available at the regatta office at registration.


The number of races for all the Divisions will be at the discretion of the Race Committee.  Three valid races are required to constitute the championship.  There will be separate rankings for each age group division.  Participants may be divided into fleets and/or division. The composition of the fleets will be made as described in the Sailing Instructions.


The Low Point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply.  There will be a discard race for every 5 races completed, i.e. one discard for 5 races, two discards for 10, 3 discards for fifteen, etc.


A jury may be appointed in accordance with RRS Appendix N. Their decisions will be final as provided in RRS 70.5


  • There may be prizes – there will definitely be food and candy and swag!
  • Gear Raffle at the end!!


It is the competitor’s decision to enter the regatta or to start and continue in any race. Competitors shall accept that their participation in the regatta is at their exclusive risk in every respect. ISAF RRS Rule 4, Decision to Race, will apply. The Organizing Authority, the respective Host Sailing Club, their officers, members, servants and agents, BIC Sport and the Race Management team accept no responsibility with respect to loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of their participation or intended participation in the regatta or arising in connection with the regatta.


Mike Mills,  mmills@jamestowndistributors.com

Check out the fun from the 2015 event!

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