Volvo Ocean Race Wrap Up

It’s been a wild ride around the globe with the fleet of 7 Volvo Ocean 65s and after this weekend it will all be a memory. Complete with a local stopover, tons of onboard videos and pictures to share, and a bunch of local “heroes,” the race has delivered nine months and 38,739 miles of hair raising fun and fierce competition. Congratulations are in order to Team AbuDhabi who kicked butt all the way round!

The fact that ALL competitors have made it around the globe without any human loss or injury, and for the most part the fleet has only a few dents and dings in the sturdy boats (Team Vestas Wind’s “grounding” aside… being much more than a dent!), could easily deem the event one of the most successful ocean races ever.

A few fun factoids:

  • Every team won a leg (Except Vestas who completed 2 legs and sailed in 3)
  • Most teams (except Vestas Wind and Mapfre) sailed into their homeport for a stopover
  • Newport is already creating a proposal to be a stopover for the next race edition
  • The boats were built to be used for this race and the next edition, too. With some minor modifications and upgrades. Wonder if they will continue in VO65s after that….
  • It isn’t over yet! Saturday is the final In-Port Race, the outcome of which will determine a tie between Team Alvimedica and Mapfre. TUNE IN!

And for those of you who want MORE! Here is a great overall look at the race from the B&G blog, Mark Chisnell: 

Another cool video of Alvimedica’s Finish:

Thanks for enduring so much ocean racing chatter, all you wood working. boat building genuises. If you’ve read to the bottom here – you’re the real deal. Email with your shirt size. First email gets a TotalBoat t-shirt. BOOM!



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