Rafting Up Is Hard to Do….

Just LISTEN to this video and guess where this raft up went bad. A little taste of the accent and you should be onto these boaters. SO MANY things go wrong in this almost hilarious video. (No one gets hurt and therefore it is laughable)

Ignorance afloat is a dangerous thing. If you go ashore rafted up to 36 boats, well – don’t! Rethink going ashore. Rethink rafting to so many boats. Check your anchor rode and the tides and currents. Make sure your anchor has caught and don’t hang your other 35 friends’ boats off your one undersized Danforth.  Put out plenty of bumpas, spring lines and whateva you do – don’t go sticking your limbs between boats that are moments away from crushing into each other. It is much easier to repair fiberglass than bone….

Go on – have a laugh. It’s Monday. Then plan your super raft up event for this weekend and be that guy or gal who makes sure the raft up is secure…and tell the more ignorant boaters how to improve their tie-up or anchor or anything! And then don’t go far. Isn’t the point of a raft up to stay aboard and enjoy the company of your closest friends and their yachts?

Send your raft up success (or disaster!) pics to us at images@jamestowndistributors.com. We love a good (or bad) raft up!



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