How to Pinstripe the Deck of a Chris Craft

Even when watching this video it looks difficult to achieve a straight line when painting a pin stripe on your boat’s deck. However the painter gives a few key tips and doesn’t seem stressed by the job at hand.  He takes his time, seems to have NOT had 5 cups of coffee to keep a steady hand and I am guessing has experience with previous jobs.

Make sure to practice on a similar set up to what you will be pinstriping so that you get the feel for the tool (he is using a Beughler pin striping tool) and sign makers paint but our WetEdge Topside paint (one part polyurethane) should do the trick nicely.

If you have other ways to pinstripe or ideas that would help get the job done, let us know in the comments section below. We love to hear about the many ways our customers get their boats dialed in and on the water.



One thought on “How to Pinstripe the Deck of a Chris Craft

  1. If you temporarily tape down a thin wooden batten parallel with the stripe , you can run your hand along the batten keeping all your lines straight.

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