It’s Easy to Use Table Top Epoxy

Since your boat is hopefully afloat and you’re spending your idle hours enjoying life on the water, you might be looking around your boats, dreaming up this winter’s project lists and imagining cool improvements to make onboard.

Watch this video we made and consider laminating something cool like a chart (as we did here) or some history about your boat, maybe mementos from a cool cruise or trip – anything, really, into a table or counter top. The TableTop Epoxy is super easy to use (conveniently mixes at a 1:1 ratio) and it works with you to make the project result one you will be happy with for years.  It’s self leveling feature means you don’t have to torment yourself with the application. But as with any project, proper preparation and application is key to a lasting and pleasing result. And TableTop Epoxy will last for years and years without any yellowing or degrading of your surface.

TableTop Epoxy is a new product for TotalBoat and we have taken lots of time researching the best formula for a high building, crystal clear epoxy suitable for your tables, bar tops, counters and more. It is waterproof and looks impressive with a nice thick clear coat showing off your wood grain or something you laminated inside the epoxy.

Try it out in a project on your boat or home and let us know what you think!

11 thoughts on “It’s Easy to Use Table Top Epoxy

  1. This stuff is awesome. Showed the old man how to use it and now he’s starting to think up some projects for himself.

    • We have been testing the product prior to launching it, and as with other bar/ table top epoxies, it is not intended for outdoor use. If left inside it will remain clear.

  2. Was the chart glued to the top before pouring the epoxy over it? If so, what was used to glue it down? They completely skipped over that part.

    • Yes! Sorry – the chart was glued to the surface using a spray adhesive to hold it down and we even pinned corners temporarily to hold them down while the map got stuck to the surface of the table. We then took out tacks and it was adequately adhered so we proceeded to the epoxying.

    • We used a spray adhesive to stick the chart to the table. There was no pre laminating. Any items being put “inside” the epoxy will have to be lightly adhered to the surface to prevent shifting when the epoxy is poured.

  3. What kind of U.V. resistance does this have or does it still has to be coated over with U.V. spar varnish?

  4. Might you thin it with denatured alcohol to help it level out more quickly/evenly and to help the bubbles come out more quickly?

    • WE do NOT recommend thinning it at all. It actually self levels very nicely and a proper stir (or a torch at the end) helps with bubbles. The point of this type of epoxy is a thick (not thinned out) layer of clear epoxy. This product does everything it can on its own to make it easy to get great results. No thinning needed.

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