Foiling Week – A Five Day Festival of Foiling

Have you witnessed a flying boat yet? It’s a sight and makes you wonder if perhaps you’re seeing things! Foiling is the way of the sailing future and with kites, catamarans, lasers even taking to the air, foiling is reaching new heights and popularity amongst the younger sailing population.

We told you about the Vineyard Cup which added foiling kites to their formerly water based event last week on Martha’s Vineyard. The event was very well received, the weather was perfect and the fleet of flying foiling kiteboards were blasting around at top speeds with an excellent turnout.

So of course the Euros have to take it to another level with a whole week of foiling fun. Read this report from the event website and watch the video and be the judge: are you ready to take your sailing to this next level? I’m happy to watch, thank you!

Website Report:  Foiling Week 2015 came to a close last weekend after a five day festival of foiling in superb conditions at Lake Garda. The weather really turned it on for three days of fast and furious foiling with Lake Garda an eclectic mix of foiling craft.

The sun came out every day and the pristine clear waters off Malcesine proved a big hit for the visiting sailors. The early morning Peler from the North switches off around lunchtime to make way for the afternoon Ora from the South which blew in 12 – 18 knots almost every day. Add the occasional summer thunderstorm in the mix and you have some awesome foiling conditions.

The Kitefoil Invitational proved such a hit amongst the visitors that international kite rider Marvin Baumeister is keen to organize a major kite event in Lake Garda as early as next year.

“The circuit is growing in strength and if we come here in Summer it doesn’t get much better, its not only a place that has really good conditions for some very fast racing, its also the panorama and the scene here just adds that extra element.”

Winner of the Long Distance Race, kiteboarder Torvar Mirsky from Western Australia agrees: “I have had a lot of fun here, this Foiling Week concept is great, the venue is great, the organization is spot on so we have had such a pleasant time.” (read more)

Sounds like fun to me, but still – i’ll take the video. Enjoy!


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