O’Pen Bic Super Sailing Summer

Over here at TB HQ we have been in O’Pen Bic heaven this summer. The TotalBoat team has put 4 of our own brand new “demo” boats on the road and we emailed local sailing programs to see who wanted to borrow and fall in love with this super fun kids boat for a few days. (We even asked YOU – remember this post?)

Well it’s been a big success. Kids ran to our delivery trailer to help unload and rig the boats and to check out the open hull and cool, simple to rig mast and sail. And the yacht clubs, sailing programs and kids have all shouted out a resounding “BIC’s RULE” cheer after an hour, a day or a few days behind the tiller.

Our own O’Pen Bic Regatta last week (wrap up post here….) was windy and wet and wild and giant smiles were contagious amongst the kids and parents. FUN was the theme of the event that day and it goes right along with the boat… forget the bailer, forget tying 55 little lines to rig your sail to the mast and boom, forget panicking and hating sailing when you capsize – because the O’Pen Bic shuts all this worry and hassle down – leaving only fun and planing and rigging inside of 5 minutes in it’s wake.

We have 4 boats that we trailered around that will be up for sale as of next week. Marked down considerably – even a brandy new boat is already way less than a new Opti – and this Summer Tour fleet will move fast at a great price. Interested in your own boat? Contact us (kristinb@jamestowndistributors.com) and we will hook you up with all the info and pricing and set you up right!

The video above is a testament to the joy the boats bring to junior sailors. Built for speed and dragging along the beach and easy sailing – they are a dream boat for kids aged about 8 and up… (age depending on skill level and weather, etc).

Watch the video and catch the fever! BAILING IS CANCELED! Bic Sailing is ON!
And if your kid is begging (like mine are): Buy a NEW O’pen Bic here!

*video coming soon from the Intergalactic Regatta!

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