Donna Lange: Underway Blog & Position Report


Donna Lange left Bristol almost 2 weeks ago now and she has made good progress and while her blog says the North Atlantic squalls have been challenging, her mood seems good and the optimism we expect from the accomplished sailor is inside the tone of her blog posts. Not one to let a bump in the road or some ten-foot seas get her down, Donna is battling some slow leaks and a soggy cabin but she seems to be doing well with her celestial navigation, checking her position with Bob, her partner who is keeping a close eye on her.

Enough from us! Head over to her blog and check out her posts. She will continue to add reports and her position is posted right on the homepage at 

We sure feel good knowing we helped outfit Inspired Insanity with plenty of TotalBoat supplies and a nice package of all the THIXO products she could carry before she left. Some of those Thixo products could be life saving – like the Fast Cure which doesn’t take days or need perfect conditions to do it’s job. Donna accepted the last minute extra Thixo tubes and tips like we had handed over a few Filet Mignons before her departure….and we were happy to provide it for her.

Follow Donna and wish her well on her blog page. I am sure a few notes from her followers will brighten up even the stormiest day in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!


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