Bottom Paint Research – Mid Season Update

This spring we told you about the RWU marine science students who had been busy building barges and painting panels with bottom paints to test. That was quite a process, but it’s nothing compared to their current and most recently quite busy process, with biweekly visits to each of the 5 barge locations. Every other week they check on every single panel, recording each panel’s growth, and any and all changes with notes and photos. They then swipe them clean and back into the water they go.

Jamestown Distributors will learn a lot from these scientist’s findings once all the data has been collected. We will receive a report on their findings and use the results to help us better advise our customers on which paint will perform better based on location, use and other factors. We like to think we are the experts on bottom paint, from our customer service advisors, to actually manufacturing our own TotalBoat bottom paints.  With this insight we will do a much better job as our knowledge base increases. Early results point – as expected – to the great differences in growth according to boat location. What works in one harbor might not work in your own area.

In case you thought we’re giving it all away before you’ve even watched the video, don’t worry! The students have taken this study to a whole new level and we are thrilled to have been able to film them as they build and check the barges. But the real carrot at the end here will be the results. And just like you, we can’t wait to learn about what the RWU students learned.

in the meantime, please become a part of the study and enter your own pre-season info into our short survey. Plugging in these customers survey results alongside the RWU research will present a very powerful picture at the end of the season. Be a part of it! Take the survey now and when you haul your boat later this season – circle back and fill in your own results. It’s all science and it all helps us help you find the most effective bottom paint for your boat.

9 thoughts on “Bottom Paint Research – Mid Season Update

  1. There have been many such studies done. Suggest you look at the extensive study & methods by “Practical Sailor” published a couple years ago.

  2. Several years ago I bought some USP capsaicin (8-methyl- N -vanillyl-6-nonenamide) to add to commercial bottom paint. I found that, although I wasn’t rigorous in my testing, there was a noticeable difference in buildup on the hull. Since the experimental details of these studies were missing, I found the whole exercise very disappointing. Please don’t assume most reading these things are idiots. Show us something with meat.

    • We have partnered with RWU marine Sciences lab to really tighten up the scientific process and ensure that we are getting accurate data. At this time we are not privy to the results. – just to the process. Once we have meat to share – we intend to share and spread the word.

      Please consider being a part of the survey by entering your info in the Pre Season and then post season surveys. The more info we get, the better! We want our customers to be educated by us or on their own (like you!) Thanks for your interest.

    • 5 different areas in RI and Mass. We are expanding the study next year to include Florida and the West Coast,and hopefully the Chesapeake. Because we totally understand that the water is different and paint behaves differently all over the globe.

  3. When do you expect report to be published? I would like to do my bottom this winter and like to see their results before final decision. Leaning towards EP2000 or Micron 66, any input? I am on the Chesapeake Bay.

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