Following Donna

Screenshot 2015-08-28 11.50.26She’s doing it! Donna Lange has been at sea for just over a month and she has crossed a calm (too calm?) Atlantic Ocean and is headed south towards the Canaries. She is fluttering between frustration for bad decisions about her course and departure and also for the things she left behind. But she’s doing it and she leaves you with her hopeful spirit at the end of each blog post and you know although she sounds intermittently despondent, that she is fulfilling her dreams and doing what she loves,

She has made friends with a sea bird, Alcid, who is keeping her company and has taken to a daily swim off the boat in the calm ocean. The bird and the swims seem to bring her hope. That and a fresh fish for a change of provisions. But there is much more sailing to be done. Are you following Donna? Click the photo above or HERE to follow her blog and latest position.



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