New Inflatable Bottom Paint

Why not go make a video about the new TotalBoat Inflatable Bottom Paint on a beautiful summer day? The typical southwesterly breeze that we all rely upon here for our fine sailing had it’s own ideas. It was all but non-existent way past it’s normal arrival time of noonish – so we figured it was safe. It was still out there. Perfect painting weather. And then she arrived in all her 15-20 knot glory.  But we didn’t let that stop us. Who said you can’t paint midday in a stiff breeze? And if someone did say such a thing – please refer them to our lovely little video of Eric painting his pal’s inflatable.

I’d go as fas as to say that the conditions only helped the paint dry nice and fast and it went on without a hitch. But that’s how we make our products – easy to use even for those who can’t pick their project conditions. Because sometimes you have to apply varnish in the cold spring under a nasty plastic cover. And sometimes you have to paint your inflatable when it’s blowing 15-20. Hey – at least it was sunny and warm. And it looks great and is doing it’s one job on the rubber boat- keep off the critters and the growth. Mission accomplished! And hey the video ain’t half bad either.


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