Bringing Back the Rooster Class

With over 500 boat built, maybe you have seen a Rooster sailing around your harbor or a nearby cove. If you live near Rhode Island or Texas, chances are greater. Mike Smith and his son have taken over the plans for this great little sailboat, which was originally drawn by Mike’s father in 1959.

Last winter the 2 Smith’s (father & son) worked diligently building 3 boats from scratch. They didn’t take videos but did a fine job documenting the builds with photos, and wove it into a video of the process.

These guys are great customers of the TotalBoat brand. They used the WetEdge topside paint and the 5:1 Epoxy as well as plenty of fiberglass and other supplies from JD.on their project boats over the summer.  This summer on a nice July weekend they held the Second Annual Rooster Week, where a number of boats arrived from all over to participate. But of the 500+ built, only a handful are registered with the class website. If you know if any out there – direct them to the official Rooster Class site. They would be so grateful and hey – if you want to build one for yourself – ask them for a set of plans. I am certain they would be more than willing to help get you started.


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