Building The Greenest Ultra-Large Container Vessel

The recently launched M.V. Barzan. is an ultra large container ship and among the largest container ships in the world (as of July 2015). It is the first of a series of six 18,800 TEU container ships built by UASC in South Korea. It is considered the “greenest of the Ultra Large Container Class ships, as its carbon emissions are far lower than the Maersk EEE class container ships.

Barzan (Arabic: برزان) means “high place” in Arabic, is a name of towers used for observation and as watch towers in Qatar, which is a shareholding state in United Arab Shipping Company (UASC). Built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in Mokpo, South Korea in 2015, she has a deadweight of 199,744 tonnes, and gross tonnage of 195,636. It took the shipyard ONLY six months to build her (from steel cutting to launching).

Classed as the first ship ever to have the “Gas Ready” class notation, the Barzan has the lowest per container level of carbon emissions. Watch this video and see if you can comprehend the speed and organization required to launch such a ship in only 6 months. Crazy!  This time lapse video shows her build with some very cool angles as the camera is moved around more than normally seen in a time lapse video. Enjoy!



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