Fishing Tips: How to Make an Eel Bucket

The fall striper run is almost here which brings our friends, the eels, back to popularity. Eels are great live bait for catching monster stripers and this video is a great way to make a bucket to keep your eels alive and “happy” while they await their fishing assignment. (aka death!)

This is an easy way to keep the eels cool and alive and keep the cooler aboard slime free. Follow TJ as he shows you how to make your very own DIY eel bucket in very little time. And who doesn’t want to go wrestle a monster striper or 6? Eels are a pretty sure way to snag a bite, but you can’t be putting dead or even sleepy eels on that hook – a lively eel will attract attention and look like a delicious dinner for a hungry striper. Take it from TJ…. he knows fishing!

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