Donna in the Southern Hemisphere


Over the weekend, Captain Donna Lange had some big milestones in her sailing expedition. The solo around the world sailor has crossed the equator west of Africa and she is making great progress and in good shape. The boat is holding up. The captain’s spirits seem high – higher than her near Sea Madness in the Intertropical Convergence Zone (the Doldrums) when she was becalmed for weeks.

She wrote this happy thought in her blog, assuring all of her good place psychologically and on the globe: Truth is that I can’t think of any way that my world could be better at this moment. I am where I want to be right now and the ocean is kind, the breezes perfect and fresh enough, the motion as gentle as it can be and still make progress close hauled. My world on land has given me permission to be here.

Are you following her blog and her progress? It’s been fun and a bit “mental” to follow along with her writing which is so honest and forthcoming. She is not afraid to be afraid or down, and her mood seems to shift with the winds… like any good ocean sailor.

She is making good progress but is far from done. Only 50+days into her adventure – she is staring down decreasing temperatures, bigger winds and seas and who knows what else? But she is determined and mostly ready…except for some propane supply doubts and a few handy items left ashore – her Thixo tubes and flotation bags, kites and sextants are keeping her on track.  Follow Donna here.

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