Breaking [all the] Records

Please welcome guest blogger, Bill Swizzle from Swizzle Sports Media, as well as contributor to Forbes Life Magazine. Mr. Swizzle has done some sailing on the mighty Phaedo3. and has written a great report about this boat on a mission. Read his story below and check out his blog, too!

From Billy Swizzle:

I’ve spent a bunch of time with Owner/driver Lloyd Thornburg and his merry band of speed freaks so I could see what it’s like to sail crazy fast and break records aboard his MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo³ and his highly modified Gunboat 66 Phaedo for a bunch of magazine stories that will be coming out in the coming months. And while I can’t tell you too much about Thornburg and his team and his plans and his amazing boats yet, it’s just not right to keep some of this amazing onboard video that was shot by Phaedo³ navigator Miles Seddon during their most recent World Record setting run from Cowes, England to Dinard, France (and sent to me by team Phaedo) to myself. This is what 35-knots of three-hulls-out-of-the-water boatspeed looks and sounds like.

And just incase you’ve been away from social media for like…ever…Lloyd, Miles, co-skipper Brain Thompson and the rest of boys on Phaedo³ set three new world sailing speed records in the last 7 days for cripes sake.

First they smashed the iconic Fastnet Race course record by over 4 hours.

Then they simply had a quick bite of pizza and immediately took off under the moonlight and bagged the Plymouth to La Rochelle record.

And as if that wasn’t enough, their record run from Cowes to Dinard was simply out of this world. Aren’t these photos shot by lovely and talented Rachel Jaspersen and talented and not-so-lovely Richard Langdon simply #thebombdotcom?

These guys are surfing some serious some record-breaking mojo and as you can see in this vid…they’re having a ball.

More from Swizzle to come in near future. And most likely from Phaedo3, too! Thanks to Swizz himself for the super commentary!

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