Bottom Paint – Bring on the Banter

We told you about the early results we are getting with the Bottom Paint testing going on with Roger William University Marine Biology students. People are chiming in on all our social media channels about their own experiences and our LIVE interactive Map is being populated with each and every response to the survey. 

And every one of those pins is a boat and a customer with data and analysis about the performance of their bottom paint. Already – with a small portion of the data collected – there is so much to see and learn about paints and what seems to be working in particular areas as compared to others.

Because of the great response and plentiful conversation about bottom paint – we have devoted an entire Forum thread to discussions about bottom paint. Hop on over to the thread here and get involved. Tell us what you think about your bottom paint, about our survey, about the research we are doing, about our TotalBoat Antifouling paints and whatever else is on your bottom and on your mind!

And check out the Live Interactive Map of the results as they are entered.

All the rest of the extensive research/ testing and chatter can be found using these links below:


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