What Would(n’t) You Do with $300 Million?

The largest sailing yacht with 144m (that’s 472 feet) and 3 carbon fiber masts (300ft high! 91m) has been built by the German Naval Yards shipyard in Kiel for the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko who made his fortune from banking, steel and fertilizer.  The massive sailboat will have company in Melnichenko’s fleet, alongside his mega motor yacht, “A.” (Pic below) Estimates say that this new sailing yacht will likely cost much more than the $300 million price tag on the 394 foot M/Y “A,” and with a crew of 66, it isn’t hard to imagine how high just the maintenance and daily operating costs will be aboard the new yacht.

The boat is shockingly…. large, unsightly and seems like a monstrosity to imagine under full sail alone – but a seat at the massive pool on deck or in the soaring interior atrium might quell anyone’s aesthetic issues. The sailing part though, we cannot be sure of. Be sure to stay tuned and keep your eye on the horizon. Chances are you won’t miss it coming!

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