Over 1000 Entries on Bottom Paint Survey Map!

It’s pretty exciting that over 1000 boaters have taken the time to fill out the 2015 Post Season Bottom Paint Survey, pinning their results and location on a live Google map. Check out the latest results and better yet – take full advantage of the map and read the results of boaters nearby your own port.

Reports and an early look at this map indicates that paints that performed well over the past many years might have had a tough season this year. How did your own paint fare?

The survey takes less than one minute and if you take the time to check out the results compared to your own experience, you might find a new paint to try next year with a decent amount of confidence in it’s performance.

Check it out! Take the survey here or if you’ve already taken it – check out the latest MAP of the results! It’s an impressive amount of data that we will compile into a readable form with some overall looks at what the boaters are telling us about best and worst performing paints this season.

One thought on “Over 1000 Entries on Bottom Paint Survey Map!

  1. Just hauled my boat in Warwick R.I., used Jamestown select. No growth and very mild slime. This is my fourth year using it and will continue to use.

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