NEW VIDEO: Spraying 2-Part Primer & WetEdge Topside Paint

When Paralympic hopefuls, Sarah Skeels and Cindy Walker needed a sweet paint job for their new custom built carbon fiber seat for their Skud 18, Brendan knew just how to attack this very curvaceous seat. Leaving it in its carbon state was not an option because the black carbon fiber would be too hot for crew, Cindy to sit on in the summer months.

The paint job has to be durable to stand up to salt and spray, lots of use and plenty of travel as the boat is shipped all over the globe currently. The 2 ladies are vying for the only US spot on the 2016 Paralympic Skud 18 Sailing Team bound for Rio.  The Skud 18 is a 2 person boat and with 2 US teams competing for the one US berth – every single system aboard has to be top notch and as high performance as possible.

The paint job was an obvious contender for a spray job because of it’s shape. The bottom piece that attaches the seat to the boat (the actuator) is carbon and also needed paint and has even more curves and contours than the seat.

Brendan took it all up to our paint room, a small-ish room with a great ventilation system, a DOOR!  and less dust than the surrounding shop area which seems to make extra.  Watch this new video and see how easy it is to spray paint with the right tools and some great paints. The NEW TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer is due on shelves before the end of 2015 and makes for a great, very solid and high build finish, perfect for filling pinholes and creating a superior substrate on which to apply your finish coat.

Now you might question why Brendan applied a one-part paint over a 2-part primer. They are totally compatible and very durable in their own rights – so as long as the primer was applied correctly and sanded, cleaned and prepped for a topcoat, the very durable TotalBoat WetEdge Topside paint is a fine choice.  We were excited to see how nicely both paints went on with the sprayer and the flat finish of the WetEdge paint came out great.  Check out the video and then please LIKE and SHARE and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!


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