Moth Camp…The Video

Did you read the other blog posts (and one here) about the crazy Americans trying to epoxy, glue and jury rig their little carbon flying boats together before taking on the Super Pros at the Amlin International Moth Regatta in Bermuda?

These guys stayed up all night tweaking their boats and reshaping parts and booms and foils to get even an extra ounce of speed out of the twitchy carbon machines. We sent Chris Museler, sailor, blogger, writer for the NYT among others, to NC Moth training camp with a suitcase full of TotalBoat THIXO (fast cure, of course…speed freaks that they are) and 5:1 Epoxy to show this gang of sailors that they can save some dough and not go slow…

The THIXO was a real crowd pleaser and the 5:1 – as expected – performed as well as any other more expensive epoxy system for a heck of a lot less money. And these guys don’t want to waste money on glues and adhesives when the other components cost so much and often require frequent repair. And hey – we sent sweet TB shirts and hats, too. What’s not to love?

Read the blog posts, check out the video and see for yourself how these guys get their speed on. The question is – in a weeks time – will the Garage Band hold their own against the Big Guns of the America’s Cup and other pros loving foiling Moth down in Bermuda?stay tuned… time will tell….

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