Thixo to the Rescue

We LOVE hearing about the different ways people fall in love with the genius tube of Thixo, our tubes of epoxy that mix perfectly with just the squeeze of your caulk gun. The mixing tips ensure a perfect concoction of resin and hardener and the various “flavors” of Thixo (Wood, Low Viscosity, Fast Cure and Thixo PRO) mean there is a solution for most problems encountered that require an adhesive.

Listen in to the voice of Mister SOS – the Aussie boatbuilder Moth fixing genius (alias: Australian legend boatbuilder Simon Owen-Smith) who came to the rescue of some beat up Moths from this past week’s Amlin International Moth Regatta? His first encounter with THIXO was a great one – and he even managed to give a great explanation as to why he found this surprise tool in the Moth Repair arsenal to be of such value.

These crazy sailors battled against big breeze and stiff chop as well as the basic Moth challenge of actually foiling and keeping the boat upright and in one piece. And as you might have read in Chris Museler’s first report from Bermuda, sailors of all abilities were in need of pretty fast and durable repairs as these boats and sailors were pretty dinged up from the challenging event. Nighttime sounded like a line up of all kinds of repair jobs to get the boat’s back on the water the next day. This is why we sent a case of THIXO to the event – to show the guys how fast and reliable this magical adhesive can be – without a mess and with little effort.

Check out SOS’s account of why he was so pleasantly surprised by THIXO and how it saved the day for a few guys and their carbon flying machines.


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