A TotalBoat New Year & Thank You!



2015 was an amazing year for Team TotalBoat. Most of the team is pictured above and without these super sellers, sailors, product developers and testers, buyers, payers, bloggers and shippers (and so on…) we wouldn’t be where we are today as we close our most exciting year yet.

In 2015 we launched more than 20!!! new products. From new bottom paints, to faster drying varnish, to electrical parts, 2 part primer and paint stripper – we were busy! Each product is tested and tried, pushed and poked to make certain it performs just as we want it to – and just as you expect it to. And in 2016 we have more awesome products on the way.

Be sure to follow us here on the TBS blog, on the TotalBoat YouTube Channel, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and soon on the new TotalBoat.com. Give us your feedback, share how you used the TotalBoat products, what you like and don’t like – what worked and what didn’t.

Every Friday we plan to continue to launch a new video with an emphasis on how to simply and quickly get your boat projects done right and with cost savings. So tune in and follow us along on the TotalBoat Show ride. And thanks for a great 2015.

Here’s to 2016! Thanks for joining us!

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