TotalBoat Show Year in Review – Bring on 2016!

It’s been a busy year here on TotalBoat Show – and we think it was our best year yet. as we told you, we had our busiest and best product development year for the TotalBoat brand and we will continue to test and improve, add and tweak additional products for 2016.

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TotalBoat Show got a new voice (me, Kristin!) and with a little (?) extra effort we have tried to provide a *mostly* daily feed to you of cool and exciting things in the boating world, of course with an emphasis on the products and boats we work hard on around here and in the TotalBoat Workshop.

We have vigorously tried to engage you with souped up content in the form of guest bloggers, product reviews and intros, Shop Night postings, and stories from funky little corners of the nautical world; from following solo she-sailors around the world (Donna Lange) to speedsters like the Volvo Ocean Racers and the maxi trimarans finishing off their epic effort in the coming days. And then of course, our bottom paint research and reporting was very popular with a live map of over 1300 results entered by customers.

And then comes our most valiant effort, and one which we hear is most appreciated by our JD customers, Our videos. For a long time, JD has been at the forefront of HOW TO boating videos of all kinds. Our recent effort is to teach you valuable boating maintenance, repair and improvement techniques while putting the TotalBoat products to the test and incorporating them into our videos.

Hop over to the TotalBoat Channel on YouTube and check out the OVER 40 videos made in 2015. For 2016 our goal is to launch a new video EVERY FRIDAY, further expanding your knowledge base and resources for great HOW-TO boating and boatbuilding videos.  We will be doing more with the Master Shipwright, Lou Sauzedde in the very popular “Tips from a Shipwright” video series, and of course we still maintain the hundreds of videos we have already made on our JD TV You Tube Channel.

Thanks for tuning in to TotalBoat Show. We appreciate every like, view, comment and even the criticism. Dive into our content here on TotalBoat Show, on our Facebook page, on Twitterour Instagram feed and on the JDTV and TotalBoat YouTube Channels.

Follow along with our content as we endeavor to bring you stories, help and advice on boating topics that matter to you and to us. Send us your thoughts, comments and ideas – and we promise to listen. Happy 2016! Thanks for reading!

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