TotalBoat Training Video 1 – Building a Kayak

The TotalBoat Tech Team has been working together to complete the build of a wooden kayak kit. By using TotalBoat products in the construction, the Tech Team is able to dig into most of the products and get a good understanding of how to best use them. This gives our technical advisors hands-on know how which will help them better help our customers.

Check out Video 1 in this series from the TotalBoat Workshop.

8 thoughts on “TotalBoat Training Video 1 – Building a Kayak

  1. While using acetone to clean the inside hull NOBODY is wearing a respirator!!!!!!!
    That stuff is toxic – always wear a respirator – same goes for sanding dust.

  2. I am working on a third Pygmy kayak. I first treat all wooden panels with Total Boat Penetrating epoxy (and squeegee all the excess) and lightly sand. The Total Boat 5:1 works well for the rest of the build. For thickening, I use 50:50 wood flour : silica. Avoiding ‘milking’ with the fill coats as well as drips and runs are still challenges. Any suggestions?

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